What Everyone Must Know About Hemp Oil For Cats

Hemp Oil Cats

Hemp oil has huge health benefits, as many already know. Coming from the seeds of the hemp plant, it can fulfill a vital role in many diets. It helps to regulate hormones, it provides the same good fatty acids available in fish but at a much lower calorie count, it lowers cholesterol and much more. […]

The history of hemp

hemp for pets

Let’s start with the history of hemp.  Used throughout the world as a source of food and as a fiber essential to survive, the hemp plant has dressed, sheltered, warmed and fed whole populations for thousands of years. An annual plant from the Cannabaceae family, that also includes the hops that we can find in our […]

Could Hemp-Based CBD Treats Help Your Pets?

Les gâteries à base de CBD

Things turned around fast once Valerie started giving her dog Chuck this hemp-based CBD treat.  As Chuck aged she had developed osteoarthritis in her back and the once energetic dog could only handle one or two long walks a week. All from a hemp-based doggie treat?  Yes, and Valerie isn’t the only pet owner we’re […]