What Everyone Must Know About Hemp Oil For Cats

Hemp Oil Cats

Hemp oil has huge health benefits, as many already know. Coming from the seeds of the hemp plant, it can fulfill a vital role in many diets. It helps to regulate hormones, it provides the same good fatty acids available in fish but at a much lower calorie count, it lowers cholesterol and much more. But despite the myriad of health benefits, it offers humans, did you know that it can also be tremendously beneficial to our furry feline friends? Here, we’re going to look at the way hemp seeds can boost your cat’s health.

Those vital fatty acids

Humans already know that omega-3 and the other fatty acids present in hemp oil are essential for them. But did you also know that your cat needs them? All animals require a supply of fatty acids but not all cat foods provide them. Hemp oil is a light, but a completely nutritious supplement to add to their diet that ensures they’re fully supplied in those fatty acids. Many cats have skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema that leads to an omega-3 deficiency, too. Hemp oil not only makes sure that they replenish their stocks. It even works as a treatment to help them retain smooth skin and a glossy coat. Not only is that pleasant for the cat who will stop itching every minute of the day, but it means you have a lot less dander to clean up after them, as well.

Omega-3 isn’t the only oil your cat needs, however. It needs a real balance between omega-3 and omega-6. Hemp oil contains gamma linolenic acid (or GLC) that helps them get and maintain that crucial balance.

Keeping your furry friend around for longer

The benefits of GLA in keeping skin and hair cells healthy is already broadly established in the medical community. But as we learn more about hemp oil, there are signs that it might be playing a big role in fighting off conditions much more dramatic that skin conditions. Research from the American Cancer Society suggests that shortages in GLA are present not only in people and animals with skin conditions but in cancer as well.

Hemp oil also contains THC. It’s not as much as there is in marijuana, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting high, of course. However, the trace THC it does contain is also being studied for its reported qualities in stopping the growth of the brain, breast, and lung cancer. Fatty acids help not just in preventing cancer, but a nutrient rich diet is much better for cats suffering from it, helping to keep symptoms at bay as well as extending their lifespan. However, overfeeding your cat can actually contribute to the secretion of hormones and other substances that make your cat more prone to cancer. For this reason, ultra-low-calorie supplements like hemp oil are particularly pertinent choices.

Quality of life

Even if your cat doesn’t have skin or fur problems and you’re not concerned about cancer, the additional benefits of hemp seed oil just keep building and building. The fatty acids that make the primary nutritional component of hemp oil are essential for immune modulation, which means your cat is a lot less likely to get sick thanks to a strengthened immune system. The THC in hemp oil is also naturally in your cats. It’s there to help them balance their immune system, so topping it up is only going to improve that function.

Inflammation is something that every cat owner should be concerned with as well. Cats are athletic and acrobatic little creatures so the idea that their joints might ache seems novel. However, whether because of exercise, age, or disease, many cats might experience pain when they walk, run, and leap. Studies from the British Medical Journal show that long-term fatty acid supplementation reduces inflammation around the joints and reduces arthritis pain in humans. Hemp oil, as we’ve mentioned, is one of the best sources of these fatty acids and your cat can suffer from the very same inflammation pains as a human might. Hemp oil might be able to help them stay lively, spry and athletic for much longer. Many cat owners can agree that their pet just isn’t the same when they’re no longer able to do such cat-like things.

Hemp oil is also an important part of an otherwise healthy cat’s life. A good diet is important, but metabolism is as important as diet. It’s what helps ensure that your cat processes those nutrients and fatty acids play a big role in regulating the metabolism. Similarly, just as exercise is important, hemp oil can play a role in improving the results you cat sees from exercise and reducing the risk of injury.

Keeping it natural

We all know that it’s hard to be a consumer today without coming across all kinds of chemicals and contaminants in your food, in your household cleaning agents, and much more. If you’re trying to protect your cat from these influences, then you’ll be glad to know that ChanvreVert has the same aim. Hemp oil is completely natural, cold-pressed so that it has no need for chemical preservatives or additives. For those looking to maintain their cat’s meat intake, you should also know that hemp oil is completely vegetarian. It’s as simple as getting the oil straight from the seeds yourself and it has a natural, nutty taste that your cats aren’t going to turn their nose up at, to boot.

The benefits speak for themselves, helping with a wide variety of problems and providing a vital part of your cat’s nutrition. All you need is half a teaspoon of hemp oil a day to see your cat fully taken care of. It can help deal with the nutrient deficiencies caused by skin conditions and even help to treat and cure said conditions. It can reduce their risk of cancer growth. It can even improve the existing benefits of a healthy diet and exercise regimen. These are few reasons not to boost your cat’s diet with hemp oil.

4 thoughts on “What Everyone Must Know About Hemp Oil For Cats

  1. Diana Blue says:

    Your translation from french to english is lacking on your website …. there are several errors, one, for example, the term favorises… supports is the proper word for this translation. Makes me somewhat leary of your products if you have slacked in this area.
    I just purchased a bottle of the hemp oil for my pets but the bottle expires in less than 3 months… in Octorber 2017, so again, not very impressive. Hemp oil can go rancid very quickly.

    • Philippe Depault says:

      Thank you for pointing us the error, we are a young business from Quebec and we try our best to support both languages. We hired a professional translator to look at our english site and we will correct any errors left.
      As for the expiration date, we know that hemp oil go rancid fast, so our expiration date are short because we don’t want to lie to customer. We are working with a new supplier that press the oil on demand so we can have longer expiration dates. I did not see your order on our website but if you want us to replace your bottle with a new one, we can ship it free to you. We would just need your address.

      Thank you !

  2. Kim sykes says:

    I am in the uk. My nine year old tiny Singapura cat has just been diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. She is hard to medicate. I do have cbd oil 3 and 5% dropper. Also cbd salve. Could I use either? Or do you sell an appropriate product I could buy. She has judt been given steroids and onky weighs 2.4 kg. This is almost her normal weight.

    • Philippe Depault says:

      We are not vets and cannot advise you on medical problem with your cat. We do not sell any product for intestinal lymphoma. CBD oil could help with pain. I wish you good luck !

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