Chien saucisse en santé

Healthy Pets

  • Help to maintain a healthy immune system;
  • Play an important role in the reduction of inflammation;
  • Play an important role in relieving joint pain or allergy symptoms;
  • Support their natural defenses.
  • Help to maintain a good physical performance;
  • Help to maintain a shiny and healthy skin and fur;
  • They help reducing hair loss;
  • Help to maintain the global levels of energy and vitality.

What is hemp ?

Hemp is an annual plant from the Cannabaceae family. While its real name is Cannabis sativa L., we also call it Indian Hemp or Industrial Hemp in Canada.Its seeds are highly nutritive and its fiber can be used in more than a thousand ways. It is one of the oldest crops grown by Man.
Industrial hemp is entirely safe and healthy and unlike some other varieties of the Cannabis plant, it doesn’t contain THC. The government regulations are quite strict, and verifications are mandatory in order to make sure that industrial hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. Hemp therefore doesn’t cause any psychoactive effect, even when consumed in large quantities! The oil extracted from hemp seeds can be consumed by animals without any risk. Obtained by cold-pressing first-quality whole seeds, it retains all of its precious benefits – from the Seed to the Feed!

Graine Chanvre Chien Chat Cheval
huile de chanvre cheval

Supplement for horses

By nature, horses have an intestinal system that metabolizes large quantities of fodder with a high content in fiber and a low content in energy, on an ongoing basis, in order to meet their nutritive needs.

Fats are necessary in order to facilitate the absorption of Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble.

The Essential Fatty Acids play a crucial part in the basic brain functions such as the development and growth. These fats are ideal in order to provide energy and constitute a perfect alternative to cereal and other grains that contain a lot of starch.


It is an entirely natural supplement, vegetal and raw, full of essential fatty acids that contribute to keep your companion healthy. An excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. ChanvreVert oil contributes in reinforcing the immune system and in increasing the vitality of your animal, while providing it with a healthy and shiny coat.

To use with Horses, Cats and Dogs only. The product should never be used for slaughter horses.

Incorporate hemp oil to your animal’s diet in accordance with the following dosage:

Valeur nutritive supplément d'huile de chanvre

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Take control of your pet’s health by giving them our hemp oil with their food. They will be happy and their health too !