The history of hemp

hemp for pets

Let’s start with the history of hemp.  Used throughout the world as a source of food and as a fiber essential to survive, the hemp plant has dressed, sheltered, warmed and fed whole populations for thousands of years. An annual plant from the Cannabaceae family, that also includes the hops that we can find in our beers, its real appellation is Cannabis Sativa L., but it is also called Indian Hemp.

Hemp, grown for its seeds or its fiber, contains less than 0.5% THC. Therefore, you could eat a ton of it or smoke several joints; there would be no chance of you getting high!

history of hemp

Hemp is one of the oldest crops grown by Man. Traces of its utilization reveal that it was part of our lives more than 8,000 years ago. It is thought that hemp has had an influence on the development of intelligence within the human race, since it is a complete food with numerous benefits for the development of the brain.

Hemp for the brain

This seeds are very nutritive. They can be eaten raw, peeled, in oil, or in protein powder. They are an amazing source of essential fatty acids, protein, fiber and numerous vitamins and minerals. They bring many benefits to various parts of our body, are easily digested and are suited for everybody, even animals!

Hemp seeds also offer countless possibilities: they can be used in personal care, skin medication, dyes and wood protections.

History of hemp

The fiber, on the other hand, is very durable and mold-resistant. It can be transformed into ropes, paper, fabrics and all sorts of amazing eco-friendly construction materials. It was hemp fiber that had been used to print the Bible and the American Constitution.

It’s extremely eco-friendly and can be used in more than 10,000 ways for food, personal care, construction, cars, gas, farming, animals, clothes, everyday necessities, and many more!

Hemp for history

In comparison to trees and cotton, this superfood grows at a faster rate, needs less water and requires almost no pesticides. It represents a healthy and thoughtful solution in order to satisfy almost all of our needs, and we would also be able to save our forests!


Hemp is amazing! Well, why is it not more popular, then?

Economic interests are sadly often stronger than logic! In the 1930s, in the United States, a group of powerful men looking to control the financial markets, the Medias, the paper industry and the petrochemicals have launched a malicious campaign against hemp.

Those wealthy men, hungry for power, have done everything in their power to forbid the utilization of the plant. If you were caught growing or possessing hemp, you could be fined a tremendous 5,000$, which was a terrifying amount back then!

Harry Aslinger history of hemp

Their goal: to scare the population away from hemp by associating it to crimes, african-americans and latin-americans. Their spiteful campaign, also highly racist, has succeeded: hemp had become dangerous and evil in the eyes of the population, and it was made illegal to grow it in the United States as well as in many other countries.

In Canada, since 1998, this plant is back on track and is legal to grow under a federal license. Those strict conditions will soon change since Canada, a pioneering country, is about to modify its legislation on cannabis and hemp. The whole world is now watching us and closely following every update!



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